Undergraduate Research Conference on Molecular Sciences (URCUP)

Data Privacy


Each access to the web server is stored in protocol files on the web server because of security incidents which occurred in the past.

The following data are stored in the protocol files:

  • IP address of requesting computer
  • Date and time of request
  • Requesting method and functions
  • Input values (i.e. file names) of requesting computer
  • Response states of web server (file transmitted, file not found, etc.)
  • Name of requested file
  • URL, by which file or function was requested

Purpose of protocols

The stored data are used to identify and track to illegal access or even try of access to our web server and for - in anonymized form - optimization of our web services.

Storage time

Protocols are saved for about 6 months and then will be deleted.

Active Components

The web pages of the Faculty for chemistry and pharmacy contain Javascript applications. These Javascript programs can be deactivated in the web browser, if the user changes the relevant browser settings.
Also cookies are used for saving user settings between opening pages on our web site. Storing cookies can be deactivated by changing the relevant settings in the web browser program.


Reports are done by the computing staff of the faculty.

Email security

If you send us an email, it will only be used to contact you.


The faculty's web site contains links to other web sites.

By these links, the faculty enables access to the linked contents (ยง 9 german Teledienstegesetz). The faculty is not responsible for these "foreign" contents, because the faculty does neither transmit the information, nor select the receiver of the transmitted informations or select or modify the transmitted informations.

Also, the foreign informations are not cached, because of the link methods used on the faculty web server. This excludes responsibility for the foreign contents in this respect.

But the faculty has checked all linked pages for any violation of law the first time the links were set.